11pcs Wig Making Kit + Canvas Wig Dome Head With Stand

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This wig making kit has a unique design; it is suitable for hairdressers or salons. It is also very fit for practicing at home, allowing you to insert the needle and hold the wig easily. The wig head base has mounting holes (about 1 inch in diameter) that match most wig stands or tripods on the market.


Canvas cover outside is made of a new organic more poly inside material. Poly inside material is more durable than styrofoam, headlights but strong, very durable, very sturdy, wig head won't flake when pins are inserted. The needle can be easily inserted and pulled out.


  • Item Type: Canvas Block Head Mannequin Head, Spandex Dome Cap 
  • Material: poly inside
  • Model Number: canvas headset
  • Head Height: 12inches

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