Meet our CEO, Alanna Foxx. She is a blogger, social media influencer, turned entrepreneur. During college, as she was studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Media, Alanna started her blog and YouTube channel as a way to answer the questions people always seemed to ask her— where she shopped, how she styled her hair and makeup, and more importantly how she maintained her natural hair! Realizing how she fell in love with teaching women how to discover and become the best version of themselves, Alanna launched her first business in 2012.

The company started off retailing high quality and ethically sourced hair extensions but quickly expanded to include hair and body care products. Pregnant with her daughter London at the time, Alanna knew that she wanted to find a way to distance herself from the harsh ingredients that were often found in most retail brands, thus the brand NIORE was born. Read more about the NIORE brand here.

Alanna's Youtube channel encompasses beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle. She is a skilled cosmetologist and beauty expert that spends a lot of time on and off camera helping women create their best look!


Learn more about Alanna on her website.