Niore is an international beauty brand created in 2012 with the unique mission of providing natural hair solutions free of harsh chemicals or unsustainable ingredients.

Niore started as the result of years of frustration and dissatisfaction with unreliable hair extensions. The hair industry is not so innocent as it seems: Hair extensions and products are often made of cheap or imitation materials, leading to fraying, matting, and shredding. And hair care products are no better— often, these products contain toxic chemicals that lead to brittle, unhealthy and dry hair. And so, Niore started with one woman’s realization that she wanted something better.

Alanna Foxx began creating homemade solutions with herbal infusions after becoming disenchanted with the harmful effects hair care products had on her own hair, to great results. But it was only when her friends and family began to notice the difference that she knew she needed to share her products as an answer for all who needed a solution to their hair care and growth issues. Now, Niore provides products to men and women around the globe that are high quality, organic, and healthy for the whole body!

Niore’s mission is to find and develop the highest quality hair products and extensions available on the market, bridging the gap between luxurious hair and women of all colors. We understand that no one has a “picture-perfect” hair day every day— and we believe in the convenience of protective styling while allowing your natural hair to flourish! We provide solutions for both protective styling and natural hair care.

Here at Niore, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service and satisfaction. Our around-the-clock specialists ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in our selection process. All our hair extensions are ethically sourced and imported from our partner temple in Eastern Asia, bringing you the highest quality in every product.


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