Wig Making Tripod Mannequin Stand

Wig Making Tripod Mannequin Stand

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There is some abrasive particle on the top of the stand which helps to prevent heads falling off. Compare with C stands, our tripod stand is more stable and high quality. The longest length is 51 cm, portable but durable, you can adjustable the height by the telescopic rod. Very Easy and Convenient to Use, Great for Wig Making, Fixing Wig Making, Styling, and Display.


Our canvas blockhead is designed according to human head shape which makes you can see the effects more realistic. Perfect choice for people who like to wigs DIY or hair experts or salon. Made of high-quality canvas which will break with general use, Instead of foam, cork is more durable and it's no smelly.


This wig has a unique design; it is suitable for hairdressers or salons. It is also very fit for practicing at home, allowing you to insert the needle and hold the wig easily.


  • Item Type: Wig Stand
  • type: tripod wig stand.
  • Material: aluminum alloy and stainless steel

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