CUSTOM CROWN | Design Your Own Lace Closure Wig (Add on)

CUSTOM CROWN | Design Your Own Lace Closure Wig (Add on)

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Lace closure wigs are a great way to protect your natural hair and preserve a signature hairstyle, while enjoying the freedom to explore different cuts, colors, textures, and styling options.


This is an ideal option for the goddess that:

  • Needs a protective style that will allow her natural hair to flourish

  • New to lace wigs but not yet ready for a frontal

  • Desires to wear trendy hairstyles without damaging her natural hair

  • Already wears her hair in a particular style that she wants to replicate into a wig unit

  • Wants to try out a new & unique hair color

  • Wants to give her real hair a break from the stress and tension of sew-ins and heat styling

  • Likes the concept of a wig unit but not the hassle of learning to secure down a frontal

  • Enjoys luxuriously high quality hair constructed into a unit that will last her multiple years

  • Prefers to have more control over the wig design process

Design a one of a kind unit that fits YOUR needs. Our Custom Crown option was created with that “particular” Goddess in mind because, lets face it, no two crowns are the same! Our Custom Crowns are conceptualized by you, then HANDMADE and brought to life by our wig design team.

This option is an add-on, which means you will also need to add-on your bundles and closure or frontal choices to your cart to complete your order. Orders submitted without hair will no be accepted.